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When I was pregnant with my oldest, my mom shared the timeless quote with me- ‘the days are long, but the years are short.’ I didn’t fully understand it until having children, then it became really real, really fast. Within a 12-hour period, me and my three dance between our daily routine, searching for a balance that’s always almost there. There’s deep laughter, comforted tears, lots of creativity, good humor, raised voices, joy and pride, lots of pride. Then all of the sudden, six small eyes have closed and slumbered into a deep sleep. Getting there isn’t always easy, but as cliche as it sounds, it goes so fast and I sit here wondering how the last year slipped through the cracks. For these reasons, I document our days. In 2013, I completed my first 365 project (one photo a day, for one year) and 2014 brought with it my second 365. Looking through the images brings back a flood of memories; it brings me back to those long days and short years.

It’s these days, the every day, that I document for family’s. To share with them the beauty that’s there, but sometimes easily forgotten- the spilled cereal, the popsicles melted all over faces and the dance parties. These are all part of our stories; they are our foundation. They are us.

I’m located in Kodiak, Alaska, and available for travel. For more information on sessions, please contact me here.


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