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I’ve long documented my daily life, first picking up a camera as a child and often carrying one around through adolescence, but it wasn’t until I had my own children, that I discovered the desire to document the every day.

I see my role as a photographer as that of a storyteller.

I’ve long had a love for people watching and history and I see these two being melded together in my photography, resulting in a piece of tangible history for my subjects. Whether I’m photographing a client’s wedding, my own children or working with another organization, I infuse this philosophy and approach into my work. 

I photograph people in all stages- engagement & weddings; maternity & birth; newborn & childhood; seniors, young & old; I'm based in Kodiak, Alaska and am available for travel. I also work with clients on commercial assignments and licensing is available at both Offset and Adobe Stock Premium. My work has been selected to various exhibitions and printed in a variety of publications.

To book your session or information on a commercial license, please contact me here.