100 Days of Summer, week 3

June 9th: pretending to snag his cousin's 18th birthday wish (that was subsequently snagged by a younger cousin)

June 10th: Senator Sullivan Town Hall

June 11th: more airstream updates! (& they day she learned to ride a bike, & I couldn't get a good picture...)

June 12th: the fort expansion

June 13th: hoops. all the time.

June 14th: swim lessons.

June 15th: cool beans. my trio.

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Ruby Sue's Renovation: The Airstream Diaries

Last summer we bought an Airstream. Something we've lusted over for quite awhile, & motivated by a wedding we were traveling to, this beauty popped up on Craiglist, conveniently located an hour from our final destination, and looking pretty good in her 1986 condition- we couldn't pass her up. Ruby Sue, the namesake I've placed upon my first car, first girl puppy, and first Airstream. Ruby Sue wasn't supposed to be renovated. She was in very good condition, so we were only going to replace the floors. After returning home, and squeaking her lengthy body off the ferry, I dreamed of painting the cabinet doors white, and maybe the end panels, and perhaps the walls. The carpet came out, the doors came off cabinets, then a wall here, a cabinet there...then she was gutted. Oops.

Conveniently, I did all this at the same time we were building a 4-plex, so she had to sit awhile, a long nine months while, but the real work has begun (and is squeaking close to done). We washed, sanded, washed again, primed and painted the entire inside, and Mike is now rebuilding everything. We opted for only a toilet, skipping the shower, giving us a few extra feet of counter space and less mold-making, plus the outdoor showers are pretty high-tech these days. The bed is staying in the same place in the back, and has a hatch cover for ample storage, plus there's hatch covers in the bench seating in the front, for even more storage. The table pedestal arrives soon, so we can lower it into a large bed for the kids. Countertops, cabinet paint, flooring and light fixutres all go in this week, inching closer to being ready for the 4th.

Photos from last summer to now.

100 Days of Summer, week 2

June 2nd: hot, cold, hot, cold, hot cold...

June 3rd: last of the sun

June 4th: beach finds = mustaches

June 5th: rainy evening

June 6th: swim lesson snack

June 7th: mud pies for dessert

June 8th: fort building

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100 Days of Summer, week 1

May 26th: first day of Summer break, sneaking Skittles

May 27th: box art, endless fun

May 28th: the creek

May 29th: an apple a day...

May 30th: tug-of-war

May 31st: in the car wash

June 1st: sun bathing in cold, sunny weather

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