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Photographs have enthralled me for as long as I remember. As a young child I unknowingly developed my connection with photography, staring at family photos on the walls, using my hot pink 110 to take pictures of my pets and intrigued by the images in my dad’s stack of National Geographics. In high school, I picked up my first SLR in a photography class I never wanted to enroll in, and I quickly became passionate about creating images. Time came and went, always with a camera in my hand, documenting the bits and pieces of life. Once I had children, my passion was elevated, as I attempt to document the organized chaos in our every day.

I’m based in Kodiak, Alaska, where I was born and raised, and am now raising my three children here. My work has been selected to various exhibitions and published in a variety of magazines and photography blogs; it can be viewed online at

To book your session or information on a commercial license, please contact me here.