Welcome, Parker

Welcome, John

Watching a family grow through photographs is something special. This is the third newborn session I've done for Kaitlin and Luke, each one a little fuller. Full of laughter and noise and family and most importantly, love. The walls of the home radiate the love and share it with whoever enters, especially with their new baby.

Welcome to the world, John. 

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Welcome, Elena

Elena's newborn session was split into two, I first met her at just 12-hours old at the hospital and a few weeks later, spent time with her at home. A lot happens in those short few weeks, new expressions and personality emerges. Documenting those changes is a treasure.

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Caleb & Alicia

We took advantage of fresh-fallen snow and we caught the last light of the day, in the last days of the year, in their last days of two.

Caleb & Alicia, a maternity session.

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Welcome, Elena

Welcome, Shepherd

As a photographer, there are so many intimate moments you experience with family's- some of their biggest milestones and greatest memories in their lifetime. Weddings, births, siblings meeting for the first time, first birthdays and more. Special feels too weak a word to describe the privilege of sharing in these events, to provide family's with their own tangible piece of their history, that they will one day share with their children, as they tell them their story. Certainly grateful. 

Introducing Shepherd, at less than an hour old. 

Welcome, Tommi

Some of my favorite parts of newborn photography, is talking to moms about their transition into motherhood, even if it's the second or third time around. Everyone's path to motherhood is so unique, yet something so relatable among women. It can be one of the hardest, most challenging paths for some women, and for others, the most natural experience they've taken on. Regardless of how one becomes "mom," it is an experience that seems to transcend anything and everything. 

Welcome to the world, Tommi. 

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Brian & Shanna

Spending a few days with your closest friend, from your earliest days, with all your children is something you dream about. That is exactly how our California vacation concluded. All five kids together for a few short days, playing together like they've always known each other, despite the miles in-between. With bribery, and resistance, we managed to send my family out for a 30-minute walk, for Fiona's newborn session.

Brian and Shanna and family.

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Thank You

Sunday Afternoon

We're settling back into school routines, with early alarm clocks reminding us summer has ended. In case we weren't certain, the leaves are falling rapidly, hitting the ground with a golden hue. Back-to-school colds are already making their presence, our annual gift we'd be happy to let go. It's my last year before all three are in school full-time; it's bittersweet, making me pause and wonder how that much time has slipped through my grasp, while making me relearn time management. Life's funny like that. We sit there holding our newborns, swearing to ourselves we'll soak up all these moments because it'll pass so quickly. But yearning for a little more- like getting out the door in a timely manner, and in one-piece. Then finding ourselves with older children, yearning for more control, like we had when they were babies, when we could bundle them up and load them up in the car. Life's funny like that. An ever-evolving circle that we're at the helm of, navigating through all the ups and downs.