ten years ago I became mom. It was one of the most natural transitions I've been through. as he got older, as his siblings joined our family, parenthood became much more difficult. it has its very highs & its very lows. it slaps us in the face regularly, especially when our newborn we cradled becomes ten. & as all the ways we were going to parent, flies out the window. as everything we weren't going to do, we do. as something we didn't even consider, is the most natural thing to handle, & we don't even know why. it's not for the faint of heart. it pulls every last strain of energy from your body. & it fills every last crevice up with the utmost-needed love, care & pride. it is the most fulfilling thing I've ever done. even on the days I know I'm failing at it. even on the days I'd like to sneak away. & in some unbelievable trick of time, we celebrated ten years with the boy that made me mom. the boy that has taught us how to be parents, who's taught us what to do differently, who's taught us the greatest adventure is right in front of us. he is strong, determined, curious, creative, independent & resilient. our full moon babe. he is ours, & we are his, forever & ever.

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