Kids Were Here

'If you must look back,do so forgivingly. If you must look forward, do so prayerfully. However, the wisest thing you can do is be present in the present... gratefully.' -Maya Angeloubreannapeterson-1-10

Remember all those spilled cups of water; all of you, it happens often. I went to wipe up the table, & this puddle so perfectly captured the reflection of the pussywillows on the table.  breannapeterson-1-4

Remember your boots, Ella; the ones you HAVE to wear, which is beneficial since you spend a lot of time in mud puddles, but not so good when you kick them off to run barefoot in 40 degree weather. Perhaps that's why your runny nose won't go away. breannapeterson-1-12

Remember your forts- under the table and in the living room. You even slept in your living room one; we had strict orders to leave it up that day and night, for a slumber party. breannapeterson-1

Remember one of our Easter art projects- using potatoes to make egg prints. Covey, you got a little carried away with the paint. Actually, you all did.breannapeterson-1-11

Remember your 'babies,' Ella. The ones you so happily love and reject; there's not a lot of middle ground for them. breannapeterson-1-7

Remember your love for olives, Ella. You walk to the pantry daily, shouting 'olives! olives!'breannapeterson-1-6

Remember Ry's first baseball practice, Cove; we played catch for awhile then headed back to the truck. I asked you where you put your mitt, and your directions lead me here. breannapeterson-1-8

Remember your 2nd birthday party Ella- your cake, your flowers, your friends and family. It was a beautiful day. breannapeterson-1-3

Remember your obsession, Ella, with dumping out games all over the floor.breannapeterson-1-5

Remember how much you love your collections, Cove; you were so proud of those bullet shells you collected from the beach. breannapeterson-1-16Remember the collection you created at Ry's soccer practice, Cove; finding all sorts of (not-so-safe) objects behind the bleachers. breannapeterson-1-14

Remember that red rocking chair- the one Ry got for his first birthday; the one Ella now sits in regularly. breannapeterson-1-15

Remember when we dyed Easter eggs, Ry; you were so anxious and excited for the process. It was your first year dying real eggs. breannapeterson-1-13

Remember that giant green duck egg, and how beautifully it held its green color; and all the other eggs you dyed turned out so vibrant.