The First Two Weeks of April

92. April 2nd. The cabinet raider. 93. April 3rd. Lunch at Aunti's.

94. April 4th. Blowing kisses.

95. April 5th. Hanging at Aunti's again.

96. April 6th. Shovels & shadows, feeling kind of like spring.

97. April 7th. Sunday dance party.

98. April 8th. The sky is no longer dark at bedtime.

99. April 9th. Playing it safe.

100. April 10th. One-eye pirate peek-a-boo.

101. April 11th. The dishwasher dance.

102. April 12th. Holes in the socks, all the time.

103. April 13th. Birthday party day.

104. April 14th. Today, she is ONE.