The Last Two Weeks of July

July 16th. Good morning, bedhead. July 17th. Good night, elbow.

July 18th. Napping in bathing suits.

July 19th. Books make good hats.

July 20th. She picked a flower, & proceeded to destroy it.

July 21st. Post-sink bath snuggles with Nanny.

July 22nd. Breakfast in Pasagshak.

July 23rd. I caught his sweetness.

July 24th. It's a pirate's life for them.

July 25th. New tricks.

July 26th. Their beach fort.

July 27th. Snacking & playing.

July 28th. Taking breaks is tough (especially when documented).

July 29th. Breakfast beauty.

July 30th. The light swallowed us up tonight.

July 31st. It was a very good July.