The Last Two Weeks of November

November 16th. Saturday morning pancakes. November 17th. She thinks she's hiding.

November 18th. Taking a break from her duties as GodzElla.

November 19th. Back at GodzElla.

November 20th. Our first snow!

November 21st. Playing games, while Ella naps.

November 22nd. These two are plotting against my jewelry box, again.

November 23rd. Our Thanksgiving Turkey aka I've been taking pictures for the last 326 days & she's had enough...

November 24th. Pretending we have lots of snow to play with (& trying not to fall on the ice rink that's become our yard).

November 25th. Happy Birthday, Mom.

November 26th. Yee-Haw.

November 27th. Braving Wal-Mart, the day before Thanksgiving because yes, we desperately needed those pine shavings for the chicken coop (& no I'm not completely crazy).

November 28th. We all dressed up nice, so I asked for one photo (but I got two, thankfully, because this was the 2nd one); & then we had a truly wonderful day.

November 29th. Decorating for Christmas.

November 30th. The most wonderful time of the year.

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