The Winterless Winter

I once read an article that suggested you only talk about weather if you're bored. It probably was in Cosmo, or something; this was years ago. It always stuck with me, mostly because we always talk about weather here. 'We' as in those who live in Kodiak. Weather is such a central part of our every day- planes don't make it in & out of our island on a regular basis, which impacts a lot of lives on a regular basis. One day it's mid40s & raining, the next day it's 20 & sunny; followed by 70mph winds & rain. You just never know what you're going to it. This winter has been a little bizarre weather-wise. If I didn't have photos of us playing in the snow, I'm pretty sure I'd forget there were two snow days in the past two months. Instead, we're moving into weeks of rain. With four days left of the month, & the rain pouring hard as we speak, we may break records for the wettest one yet...& then we read online about the freezing temps elsewhere, or the drought in California. Who would've thought you'd need to escape to Alaska, to escape the cold? 'A great, great deal has been said about the weather, but very little has ever been done.' -Mark Twainbreannapeterson -19