1. Good morning, October. 2. Off to preschool.

3. She needs her backpack, & his hand.

4. The sunrise over the bay.

5. Ella & I hung my show.

6. My biggest baby hurt his arm at school, so it was an early day home, filled with some snuggles (this was before we knew it was broken).

7. As soon as I turn my back, she's on the table.

8. Boxes are safer for her.

9. Costumes are their favorite.

10. A little art time before bedtime.breannapeterson-1breannapeterson-1-2breannapeterson-1-3breannapeterson-1-4breannapeterson-1-5breannapeterson-1-6breannapeterson-1-7breannapeterson-1-8breannapeterson-1-9breannapeterson-1-10

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