The Last Two Weeks of September

September 16th. Spiderman in Pasagshak. September 17th. Pots & pans = music.

September 18th. The day Covey learned to ride a two-wheeler.

September 19th. She's kind of cute (& possibly overphotographed).

September 20th. The chickens, they run from her every.single.time.

September 21st. My bedtime view.

September 22nd. Sunlight & shadows, & those tiny fingers.

September 23rd. I'm glad I forgot to put the cereal away.

September 24th. My kitchen-sidekick.

September 25th. Flying.

September 26th. She leaves a good trail.

September 27th. He's turning into quite the artist.

September 28th. This girl & those chickens.

September 29th. Three little birds, in my doorway.

September 30th. Dance party, they're the best.

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