10-on-10: April

Baby got back...the other night, Ella woke up crying. She hopped out of bed, walked to the living room, retrieved the ergo and returned, shouting 'back! back!' This was at 2:00 in the morning. She hadn't been sleeping good due to a nasty chest cold, & I wasn't sure if I should laugh or cry; regardless, I put her on my back and sat there in bed, eyes closed, rocking her back and forth. At two, the boys were never this content being carried- they wanted to run (fast and far away from me, if we were in a store), but not this one...&  I kind of love it. breannapeterson.com-1-3breannapeterson.com-1-4breannapeterson.com-1-5breannapeterson.com-1-2breannapeterson.com-1-6breannapeterson.com-1-7breannapeterson.com-1breannapeterson-1-3breannapeterson-1-2breannapeterson.com-1-8breannapeterson-1breannapeterson.com-1-10babybreannapeterson-1-13

Now continue through the circle, by way of the wonderful Elise, at Finn Photography.