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Jordan & Annie

Last summer, Jordan proposed to Annie on their trip to Kodiak and then his mom gifted them with an engagement session at the same spot as their proposal. It was the sweetest. The weather also gifted all of us with a beautiful evening, the kind of evening that makes you antsy for summertime- the warmth of sun on your face, an abundance of green, the sweet salty air and long summer nights. 

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Welcome, John

Watching a family grow through photographs is something special. This is the third newborn session I've done for Kaitlin and Luke, each one a little fuller. Full of laughter and noise and family and most importantly, love. The walls of the home radiate the love and share it with whoever enters, especially with their new baby.

Welcome to the world, John. 

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Jared & Kari

I'm in my second week as an Artist-in-Residence at our middle school and it has me thinking a lot about my work and photography in general. I've shared a quick history of photography with the students, talked about the rules of photography and the tools needed to make a photograph, and also the power of a photograph. Photos tell a story, much like a video or a book. They can stir up emotions and quickly return us to a time we treasure. They can provide raw truths, false positives and sacred reality, whether it be for us to share or pack away for safe keeping.

Last summer, I had the honor of traveling to Eagle River to document Jared & Kari's story and the start of their new adventure. 

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The Butler's

Welcome, Elena

Elena's newborn session was split into two, I first met her at just 12-hours old at the hospital and a few weeks later, spent time with her at home. A lot happens in those short few weeks, new expressions and personality emerges. Documenting those changes is a treasure.

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Caleb & Alicia

We took advantage of fresh-fallen snow and we caught the last light of the day, in the last days of the year, in their last days of two.

Caleb & Alicia, a maternity session.

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Welcome, Elena

February: 10-on-10

31 Days of January

I decided to kick-off January with a photo-a-day. 31 days sounded much more achievable than 365. Even with our limited daylight (yes, there's lots of bedtime photos), I didn't skip a day. It felt good. I hadn't been photographing our every day nearly as much as I'd like and I needed the reboot. It was a cold month, warmed with birthdays and blue skies. It was a hopeful month, filled with a new year, a new start and a new niece. It was good.

Snippets of our January.

1. welcoming 2018
2. his last day of 10
3. he's 11
4. celebrate
5. birthday-slumber party
6. the game of life
7. celebrating 11 with family
8. mattresses are apparently better on the floor
9. after-school walk
10. the response to "help me make your bed"
11. picking up the boys "smell my hand to get in the car"
12. packing up Christmas
13. Sunday drive out the road
14. major storm day became major lounge day
15. after-school walk, checking out the storm's damage
16. attempting to sleep in her own bed
17. attempting to sleep in her brother's beds
18. attempting to sleep in our bed
19. explaining why the sink is full of her hair
20. women's march
21. the flu got me
22. quadruple pig tails
23. a slow day on the "tsunami that wasn't" day
24. playing Old Maid
25. her new favorite book
26. friday night slumber party
27. getting fresh air while pretending it's not zero degrees
28. batter up
29. testing out jumping abilities of the new mattress
30. after-school walk
31. upset I won't take her to visit her hours-old newest cousin

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