10-on-10: February

'study nature.love nature. stay close to nature. it will never fail you.' - Frank Lloyd Wright

Kodiak Island has about 40 miles of road. If you're at the airport & take a right, then drive all the way to the end, you'll end up at White Sands (can be seen in these wedding photos). If you take a left, & drive all the way to the end, you'll end up at Fossil Beach. Yesterday, we went to Fossil. We go this direction a lot, usually stopping in Pasagshak, which is about 15 minutes sooner than Fossil. As the name suggests, there's lots of fossils here. The boys filled their coat pockets; they we're most excited about their large broken snail, small whole snail & medium clam shell they found. Ella was most excited to get back in the truck. It was freezing! The wind was whipping right through us; it was a balmy 30ish before said wind. Surprisingly, we all lasted an hour, before heading back to the truck & then stopping at another beach for another hour of bone-chilling play. breannapeterson.combreannapeterson.combreannapeterson.combreannapeterson.combreannapeterson.combreannapeterson.combreannapeterson.com-1-21breannapeterson.com-1breannapeterson.com-1-16breannapeterson.com-1-19breannapeterson.com-1-18breannapeterson.com-1-23breannapeterson.com-1-22breannapeterson.com-1-24breannapeterson.com-1-20

& now pop on over to Jen's blog, she saw things- they've been getting snow in Portland (& we have almost none in Alaska!)