Brendan & Sarah

'i want to travelacross the world & breathe the air

of new places.' -unknown

Each year, the swans travel south, destination unknown. They always return to the lakes & each summer, we watch them when we drive out the road. There used to be two, last summer we saw more. Every time they swim across the lake, it's magnificent. They're usually far away, which seems to emphasize their beauty. Even at a distance, they're so distinguishable.

Did you know swans mate for life? I learned this the day I photographed Sarah & Brendan's ceremony. Perhaps these two swans we've watched over the years, headed south to start a family...or maybe they brag about the most beautiful place on earth, & their friends couldn't resist the urge to travel north to Alaska; landing on the lakes of Pasagshak, with their life partner's.

Sarah's Brendan swan; some day soon they might travel south & then in the summer's their friends will all eagerly await their return home.