10-on-10: November

1. Awaiting the Preschool Halloween parade. 2. Back home, terrorizing the chickens.

3. Her attempt to let the chickens out failed.

4. Back at the school, for the school-wide parade.

5. Wet slide + halloween costume = one slick ride.

6. Puddles on the playground.

7. Splish-splash.

8. This year we had Spiderman, Wonder Woman & a Vampire (& Batgirl, the chicken).

9. Spooky.

10. Headed out for trick-or-treating (FINALLY!!!!!, according to the boys).

11. I wanted a photo with my three, but could only get two (Spiderman was apparently on a mission).

12. Trick-or-Treat.

13. Time to go.

14. Happy Halloween.

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