10-on-10: August

'A little rain and a little sunand a little pearly dew and a pushing up and a reaching out. Then leaves and tendrils all about!' -Children's Song, 1800s

We grew stuff, and it's exciting. Big plans and little knowledge is how we jumped in, and we're chowing down on fresh lettuce, kale and broccoli, with lots more to soon join our dinner table.

Our experimental year has been a success. breannapeterson-1-6breannapeterson-2breannapeterson-3breannapeterson-2 (1)breannapeterson-1-7breannapeterson-10breannapeterson-12breannapeterson-13breannapeterson-14breannapeterson-16

10-on-10: December

1. Good morning, most wonderful time of the year. 2. Off to school.

3. Pretend game of twister.

4. Lunchtime.

5. I do laundry, she climbs up to places she shouldn't be.

6. Some book time.

7. Geared up for a batman birthday party.

8. Picking the perfect present.

9. & we're ready to head to the party.

1o. Time to go home, after an evening at Auntie's- it was a jam-packed day.

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breanna peterson-1-15

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The First Two Weeks of November

November 1st. He drew his dad a good luck Elk. November 2nd. Two seconds earlier, the house was clean.

November 3rd. Christmas jammy picture day.

November 4th. New desk.

November 5th. Caught in the light.

November 6th. Pirate Island.

November 7th. Block printing with Auntie.

November 8th. An evening at Nanny & Papa's.

November 9th. Heading to a birthday party.

November 10th. Window washers.

November 11th. Daddy's home from hunting.

November 12th. A rare quiet moment with the boys (Ella's asleep).

November 13th. Watching the sunset.

November 14th. Mom, I just want to ski (& nope, he's never skied before).

November 15th. The rat massacre. breanna peterson-1breanna peterson-1-3breanna peterson-1-4Shanti Peterson-1Shanti Peterson-1-2Shanti Peterson-1-3Shanti Peterson-1-4Shanti Peterson-1-7Shanti Peterson-1-5Shanti Peterson-1-6

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10-on-10: November

1. Awaiting the Preschool Halloween parade. 2. Back home, terrorizing the chickens.

3. Her attempt to let the chickens out failed.

4. Back at the school, for the school-wide parade.

5. Wet slide + halloween costume = one slick ride.

6. Puddles on the playground.

7. Splish-splash.

8. This year we had Spiderman, Wonder Woman & a Vampire (& Batgirl, the chicken).

9. Spooky.

10. Headed out for trick-or-treating (FINALLY!!!!!, according to the boys).

11. I wanted a photo with my three, but could only get two (Spiderman was apparently on a mission).

12. Trick-or-Treat.

13. Time to go.

14. Happy Halloween.

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The Last Two Weeks of October

October 16th. Last day in California. October 17th. Running through airport halls, after one failed attempt to fly home.

October 18th. Feeling festive around here.

October 19th. Ry had this picture idea, so I obliged; then decided it's one my most favorite, ever.

October 20th. I told him he was the headless horseman; he responded "who's that?!"

October 21st. Lounging.

October 22nd. All snuggled in her brother's bed.

October 23rd. Finger painting with watercolors.

October 24th. First the ducks took their baths, then Ella joined them, twice...& it was a cold, fall day.

October 25th. Caught in the light.

October 26th. The Batman hat.

October 27th. "I'll be right back," I said. "You always say that," said Ry. But I came right back, & then paused & listened to you read Covey 'Goodnight, Moon,' for the very first time.

October 28th. "Let me give you a ride, Ella!"

October 29th. Somehow, you two thought you were being so sneaky, climbing on the counter to play on my phone.

October 30th. You & you're water bottles.

October 31st. Happy Halloween. breanna peterson-1-14breanna peterson-1-15breanna peterson-1-22breanna peterson-1-11breanna peterson-1-18breanna peterson-1-4 (1)breanna peterson-1-18 (1)breanna peterson-1-19 (1)breanna peterson-1-26breanna peterson-1-20 (1)breanna peterson-1-21 (1)breanna peterson-1-22 (1)breanna peterson-1-29breanna peterson-1-30breanna peterson-1-31breanna peterson-1-27