Holiday Ornaments

The kids & I have been drawing away on canvas, & I'm a bit obsessed. It started with linen because I had scraps of it lying around. I loved the look of it, the sharpie is much more muted, but the fine point sharpie kept catching on the fabric, & it wasn't going to work for the kids. When I stopped by our fabric store, I was recommended canvas, & it's been working great! I went in both my boys' classrooms this past week, & made ornaments with the students. The kids really enjoyed it. For theirs, instead of stuffing, I put a piece of felt in between the two pieces of canvas. It worked really well. I brought in some different step-by-step drawings I made up, mostly inspired by Pinterest, & the kids used both fine point & ultra fine point sharpies. I like the ultra fine point, but I'm free-handing it. I had the kids draw in pencil then trace, & the fine point seemed to work better to cover up the pencil. We did discover it's a bit difficult to erase on canvas. If you try it, let me know how it goes!

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