One Week

The other day the boys had some friends over, and while I was making some lunch, they were playing on our old rotary phone. That thing sucks all kids in, it's like an ancient piece of history, a bit of an unknown. Picking up and hearing a dial tone, turning the numbers around and around, with the prospect of someone talking to you on the other end. Well then they started joking about calling 911, so I was shuffling plates, jabbering on about how we don't make those kinds of jokes because it's actually a serious thing. Then a few minutes later, one sad face asked me over, to talk to the person on the phone. The 911 dispatcher. She explained it sounded like an altercation, I explained it was five boys playing on the old phone. She explained a trooper may want to come out, but it was up to his discretion. Thirty minutes later, halfway through my shower, the trooper did come. That, combined with many other mishaps on our Monday, was our entertaining entrance to spring break. Now it's Friday, and we're all looking around, wondering how our week slipped so quickly from our grasp. Kind of like childhood, as I look through these newborn photos, wondering how my babies slipped from my grasp, into big kids. Life's funny that way. Pulling us along on a bittersweet roller coaster.

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