September: 10-on-10

The joke was "Alaskan's for Global Warming;" that was years ago, and it was completely light-hearted. Before we bore ownership to the first town that will see itself disappear because of global warming and before the summer of 2017. Before the Northwest was on fire and the South was flooded. When we called it global warming, instead of climate change. Now the joke feels awfully empty, as we bear witness to Mother Nature's cries for help. We've had one of the worst summers I remember here on our island, we may have had four days of actual sunshine- not so much hot, but kind of warm sunshine. It felt like we went straight from winter to fall. The leaves are almost gone, everything's almost brown. The snow will be here soon. Last year, the cold came early and lasted so long, the berries didn't grow. The bears got hungry, and in other places in the state, multiple maulings occurred, a highly unusual occurrence. The unusuals are piling up globally, & if we don't discover ways to answer the cries, we're going to continue to bear witness to our consequences.

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