100 Days of Summer, Week 2

June 1st - 11:00pm, summer's late nights quickly took over. they usually do, until I suddenly attempt for an earlier bedtime. unsuccessfully, of course. today, I told someone Alaskans catch up on sleep in the fall and I think that might be true. 

June 2nd - our little piece of paradise

June 3rd - on the walk back from the beach, she said "my tooth hurts and I think it wants to fall out," sure enough, her top front tooth was loose and her other front tooth and both bottom ones. " I can't believe a 6-year old has a wiggly tooth!" she keeps repeating. I can't believe my youngest is about to loose her baby teeth.

June 4th - photographing the front teeth as much as possible

June 5th - the net yard

June 6th - scooters on the deck 

June 7th - we stopped by the river after our town errands. as we drove there, my oldest says "I've been waiting to cast my pole since the end of last summer!!" for five minutes, it was peace, the snow-capped mountains gifting us the most picturesque background, the warm sun beating down on us, the kids each casting their poles, but then everyone was fishing in everyone's spot and there were no fish and the bugs were bad, but for five minutes, it was bliss.

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