100 Days of Summer, Week 3

June 8th - more sun, more scooters, more deck

June 9th - an evening walk in one of our favorite places

June 10th - river time

June 11th - as she crawled into bed with her usual stack of books, decked out in her gymnastics leotard for the gymnastics class we never signed her up for, she detoured for the baby books. "What's this say? What's this say?" she asked one very page and on even more pages, I asked myself "why didn't I remember to write that down?!"...the following day, she pulled out every single photo book and as all three kids poured over them, I felt a little bit better for the lack of writing in the baby books.

June 12th - on the outside, looking in

June 13th - popsicles in the park, after a very long day in the very hot sun at one of our favorite beaches. everyone was toasted to perfection. the kind of day we wait 364 days for, the kind that makes you appreciate the rain to settle the dust. the best kind.

June 14th - our very first zuchinni, we're actually growing something!

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