100 Days of Summer, Week 4

June 15th - when he was one, he grabbed a fly from our travel trailer window and quickly placed it in his mouth. we never saw it again. two days before nine, we delighted him with the story, after he pinned this one down. he was both disgusted and humored. 

June 16th - late night, sweet dreams

June 17th - my three, on father's day

June 18th - always a fierce competition for the birthday wish

June 19th - second round of wishes

June 20th - I keep thinking of the 3,000+ babies ripped from the arms of their mothers. there's an empathy lesson for children, where they try on different shoes of different people- to teach them to the concept of "walking in someone else's shoes." perhaps we should have people at the border, collecting the shoes from the asylum-seekers for us adults. because the way I see it, wen need a bigger and better lesson on empathy. there's absolutely not one single way to justify support for these kidnappings. not one. not a single one.

June 21st - making Solstice wishes

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