26 Fridays: Week 4

This week's theme is shadows. Powerful, dramatic, soft or serene, so many different ways of creating them. If I'm being honest, I'm a bit addicted to them these days, partly because I've become consumed with light. Whether I have my camera or not, I find myself watching the way light hits a wall, the shadow it creates in a hallway, the catchlights in my children's eyes. I love exploring light- experimenting with it, acknowledging it, discovering it. These images are from last week, when the sky was clear, the sun was bright & the fresh dust of snow was melting away. We had the living room door wide open & Ella did some exploring. Our deck railing provided some good shadows indoors. Is it strange I want window blinds just for their shadows? I absolutely adore the shadows that they create. The deck railing sort of provides a different twist on that for me.

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