5-Minutes in the Car

A pile of something always fills my arms, coming and going from the car. Coats, gloves, hats, all those things needed in the middle of winter that my kids refuse to wear, especially if raining or snowing. Phone, camera, wallet...the other day I made myself start carrying a purse again. A couple weeks ago I forgot my wallet in the Wal-Mart bathroom, thankfully (almost) no one uses those bathrooms. It was sitting exactly where I left it ten minutes earlier. So a purse is now required. Shoveling my pile into the car, she runs to the back, giggling at the prospect of not going into her seat. I look up to see the raindrops and little light brushing through her curls. Her curls that are exemplified in the rainy weather; her curls that I always desired for myself. & she laughs. She feels victorious.

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