Baking Blueberry Cobbler

'No one is born a great cook,one learns by doing.' -Julia Child

Yesterday, I made a discovery. I need to stop cooking for my children. Instead, I need to cook with them. For possibly the 100th time, I'm making weekly dinner menus. This time, much more organized than before, with bigger hopes for success. I also had the boys each pick a day, when they can choose the dinner and be part of the process. Then I shared one of my childhood cookbooks with them- specifically, the stained, worn pages of blueberry cobbler. They were eager and excited; while making it, my oldest kept exclaiming "this is so awesome! I'm making this! this is so awesome!"...once the cobbler was in the oven, he started organizing our pots and pans, peeling carrots for the salad and setting the table. I think I'm on to something...and the cobbler was pretty tasty, too.