Back-to-School II

Back-to-School I

Last Day of School

The other day I helped out with Field Day at school; the group was K-2 and I was taken aback at how big the 2nd graders were. Perhaps mostly because in a few short hours, I will have a 2nd grader. Next year, Covey goes into Kindergarten and Ry into 2nd grade. Whew...feels like a big one. I unintentionally started this series with the first day of Kindergarten and now feel obligated to continue it. He's growth in these images baffles me. The first day of Kindergarten compared to the last day of first grade- the round baby face fading away, now adamant about long hair, genuinely caring about his clothes and his shoes, thoroughly exhausted from a long night of baseball...but still crawling up into my lap when he's tired and needs to snuggle. As excited as I am for the end of the year, it's bittersweet. Happy Summer folks, enjoy it!