& now we are five

On saturday the 14th we welcomed our little girl into this big world. It's always hard to believe you are 9 days overdue, then suddenly holding your one-week old. But that's where I'm at. It's been a wonderful week. Everyone's happy, content, healthy. The boys finally have their sister, the one we've been talking about for months. The one I think they may not have believed us about. She eats, sleeps & poops a lot. At her check-up today, she already bypassed her birth weight (by .2 ounces, but it all counts, right?). She smiles in her sleep. Tonight she was talking & smiling at Ry. They already have a special bond. Both the boys are in love- we all are. But Covey's feeling the middle child placement. He's so sweet to her. Kisses her. Asks to hold her. But he's also our mischievous one. He flushed three large objects down the toilet this week. Mike had to remove the toilet, completely, & use his plumbing skills to retrieve the objects (twice). It really has been a good week, with some added & unexpected entertainment. & now we are five. Here is our first week together.

Welcome to the world, EllaGrace.

Ry is very protective.

Covey's in love with "his baby."

Ry learned how to draw a star today.

looking forward to another week of sunshine & rainbows.