Kids Were Here

'If you must look back,do so forgivingly. If you must look forward, do so prayerfully. However, the wisest thing you can do is be present in the present... gratefully.' -Maya Angelou

breannapeterson -1-3

Remember the microscope you got for your 7th birthday, Ry; both you boys loved it. That day we found a dead fly, you both were quick to rip off his wing & stick it under the scope...eager little scientists.breannapeterson -1-4

Remember that day we walked to Holiday Beach, us five & your cousin Myla. It was so refreshing to be outside, you guys all running around & soaking up that sweet salty air. breannapeterson -1-5

Remember when our chickens started laying eggs, shortly before Christmas.  Their production increased little by little & before long, we had a dozen eggs. Ry, you're always so excited about those eggs & have told us a few times, "it's like they're giving us a gift!" breannapeterson -1-6

Remember your 7th birthday, Ry, filled with parties, friends, family, cakes, cupcakes, lots of snacks, sushi & presents, along with seven polka-dotted balloons. breannapeterson -1-7

Remember that scooter you got for your birthday, from Nanny & Papa. You were so excited- you proclaimed,  'it's just I wanted!'breannapeterson -1-8

Remember all those lollipops that littered the house, post-birthday party. Ella, you thought they surely must all be for you- & then we'd find piles of opened lollipops. It was sticky. breannapeterson -1-9

Remember that Skylander sticker book you got, Ry; you've looked at every single day for the past month. The stickers cover your desk, telling us exactly who these Skylander's are (but really, I still have no clue). breannapeterson -1

Remember that day I came home from grocery shopping with all that yogurt, all three of you dug into it quicker than I could put it the time you started your third one, Covey, you'd had enough. I'm not sure how many half-eaten yogurts I consumed. breannapeterson -1-2

Remember how you always wanted to be in the bathrooms with your brothers, Ella...& then while Covey sat on the toilet, you quickly emptied the q-tips.


Remember that unicorn I got you Ella, to spray paint for a decoration in your someday room. Instead it's been sitting in the hallway as your necklace holder, & every time you see it you shout 'Nay!!!!!!' so excitedly!


Remember your dream catcher, Covey, you desperately wanted it; we all hoped it'd help with your bad dreams. At this point, I'd say results are 50/50. breannapeterson-1-2

Remember that day we went to the beach for lunch; Covey, you & I found 'treasures' & decided to make faces out of them. You were so excited about it, & so determined to have happy faces on them.