Kids Were Here

'If you must look back,do so forgivingly. If you must look forward, do so prayerfully. However, the wisest thing you can do is be present in the present... gratefully.' -Maya

Remember all the bananas you ate, Ella; you'd shout 'nana! nana!', then always follow-up with the sweetest sounding thank you. that day we went to Holiday Beach, where we got pussywillows to keep on the table. Always a first sign of Spring.

Remember that day all you kids played dress-up with your friends; you, Ella, were particularly fond of this coonskin hat for two days. when you, Rylee, decided this was your ninja symbol that needed to grace our table; it looks more like a ying-yang symbol to me, but not sure you know what that is just yet.

Remember all the dreamcatchers we collected, Covey, to help keep your bad dreams away. Sometimes they worked.

Remember daylight savings time; when we gained that hour of daylight in the evening, when your room glows like this. When you boys argue it's not nightime because it's still light. You have a good case, you two, but you (usually) don't win.

Remember that winter, Covey, you always refused to wear coats, except this one. The blue fleece that was more of a thick long sleeve shirt, and completely inadequate for our winter days.

Remember that day, Ella, you spilt 2,700 beads on the floor; I think we may have accounted for 2,695 beads (let's pretend there aren't any hiding anywhere...)

Remember that day I was picking 2,700 beads off the floor and found this, as well; apparently, we were not winning with crafts today.