Kids Were Here

When I was first asked to be a part of this project, I was admittedly very excited for the group of photographers I'd be working with. They're an amazingly talented group of women. I was also looking forward to documenting a new aspect of our lives, which I gave little (or no) attention to with the camera. Yet it is such a significant part of our everyday. These left-behind toys, the messes, the food, the strewn about clothes; somedays, I think they're staring me in the face, laughing. You vacuumed? ha! You just emptied the sink? Too bad! The entry way has been cleared of shoe piles & coat mountains? Nope, not today! But a funny thing happened to me, with this photo project. I am now pausing more & taking more deep breaths. Do I still enjoy all these messes? If I'm being honest, not so much, but incorporating my photography into the daily disasters has given me a new perspective- it's the perfect opportunity to really treasure what's happening now, & embrace it.

Remember when you, Rylee, started first grade, so full of excitement!

Remember when you wore your name tag that first day of school, Rylee? & then I found it stuck to your dresser that night.

Remember when you, Ella, loved to take your shoes off & run around barefoot. 

Remember when you three pushed each other around in the wagon, until you laughed hard enough, then filled it with toys. 

Remember when you, Rylee, drew hopscotch at the park 'just like the one at school!'

Remember when you, Covey, loved everything superheroes.

Remember our weekends in Pasagshak, making smores with oreos; & you, Ella, snuck some & licked out a bunch of frosting before dropping them in the sand.

Remember all your superheroes, you boys laid them out on the towel to dry off, after some outdoor battling. 

Remember when we made salmonberry jam, from all the berries we picked that Sunday, & every time I asked you boys what you wanted on your waffles or pancakes, you always said 'the jam that you made!' & that always made me smile.