The Last Two Weeks of August

August 16th. Breakfast. August 17th. Saturday morning.

August 18th. The one-eye spy.

August 19th. Ella's not so stoked I'll be gone for a couple hours.

August 20th. Wooooo.

August 21st. He requested a photo with is bunny.

August 22nd. The last day of summer vacation.

August 23rd. Digging for worms.

August 24th. Pasaghshak weekend.

August 25th. Not ready to head home...

August 26th. She's running away & finds it funny.

August 27th. Batman on my bed.

August 28th. Baby belly.

August 29th. She's part monkey.

August 30th. Huckleberry's eye.

August 31st. The pantry-lurker.