Kids Were Here

'If you must look back,do so forgivingly. If you must look forward, do so prayerfully. However, the wisest thing you can do is be present in the present... gratefully.' -Maya Angeloubreanna peterson-1-5

Remember when you, Ella, had a tea party with Myla, on our California trip- & you just wanted to eat the playdough. breanna peterson-1

Remember when you, Rylee, decided the art table lamp needed some flare.

breanna peterson-1-3

Remember when I got that tub of beads, & you boys wanted to build things- I'd iron them & they'd fall apart. Beads ended up all over the floor, but you still loved doing the little shapes. & I, for some reason, kept pulling the bead bucket back out for you two.

breanna peterson-1-6

Remember when we went to the 'Pumpkin Patch,' where you, Ry, had to find the biggest pumpkin. Then you drew on each one, so excited to have us carve them just right.breanna peterson-1-7

Remember when you, Covey, picked this little mini-stocking out for Bertie, our Elf on the Shelf. You had to put it up, days before Halloween (thus the scary lady in the background), just in case he decided to show up early.breanna peterson-1-8

Remember all the dinosaur window art you boys made with your Grandma, while I was in California. breanna peterson-1-9

Remember the art table- where you boys usually make art & you, Ella, usually dump everything all over the floor, occasionally drawing all over your brother's art. breanna peterson-1-10

Remember that afternoon you, Ella, found the draw full of tea & proceeded to pull it all out. Then you boys & I decided we should have some tea- you two were so excited, you had never had it before, & it was kids' tea! After the honey was added & the tea cooled, you took your firsts sips, then promptly declared you didn't like tea.

breanna peterson-1-12

Remember that doll I got you, Ella, simply based on the fact it looked creepily real. You boys apparently thought so, too, when I found it hanging in the bead table.breanna peterson-1-13

Remember when you, Ella, got into the tea drawer again. Things got real quiet, real quick, & I went to check on you & Covey. There you two were, in the bathroom, dismembering tea bags into the toilet. Good thing you boys decided you didn't like tea. breanna peterson-1-15

Remember that week you, Rylee, developed a deep love for drawing. While you already loved art, you literally started drawing every free moment you had. Then you made yourself a color chart, asking me how to spell certain colors. Other colors you wrote yourself- like bloo & yulo. breanna peterson-1-14

Remember that little Christmas tree ornament Nanny gave you, Covey? We hung all our photos, but still needed two more. I glanced over & noticed you hung your tree on the nail awaiting its frame. breanna peterson-1-16

Remember when you, Rylee, used the stool to get the sharpies down from the closet shelf. You said you needed them to draw with, so the picture would be permanent. As I was picking up the packs of paper, I noticed something else you wanted to be permanent. Thankfully dawn soap seems to work wonders on permanent markers. breanna peterson-1-17

Remember that Halloween, when the weather was abnormally nice- we had school parades & parties; we went to both sets of Grandparents & some friends' houses; filled bags with candy; ran around in Spiderman, Wonder Woman & Vampire costumes; Ella peed in the potty, said no & started getting two new teeth; & you, Covey, drifted off to sleep saying 'this was a long day.' It was long, but filled with so much fun & excitement.