The First Two Weeks of October

October 1st. Every time I turn around, she's on top of something. October 2nd. The day we took him to the doctor for his arm, learning it was broken in two places.

October 3rd. Practicing his mummy costume, or really the day he was put under to have his arm reset.

October 4th. The day I left for California.

October 5th. Ella & Evie meet Augustus.

October 6th. She found new chickens to chase.

October 7th. The start of our short hotel stay.

October 8th. Ella's tea party with Myla.

October 9th. Keeping an eye on the animals.

October 10th. Pumpkin (hat) throwing contest.

October 11th. Hanging at the ranch.

October 12th. Photobombing her cousin's pictures.

October 13th. Getting schooled in Michael Jackson.

October 14th. Checking out the new umbrella.

October 15th. The day Cyas was born.

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