Kids Were Here

'If you must look back,do so forgivingly. If you must look forward, do so prayerfully. However, the wisest thing you can do is be present in the present... gratefully.' -Maya Angelou

breanna peterson-1-4

Remember that year you become thoroughly obsessed with legos, Ry; it was the year you were six...& we found them everywhere, under our feet, on the table, in the windowsills...breanna peterson-1-6

Remember that day in November, you wanted to ski so bad, Covey. You put the skis on & walked all around the yard with them, but it was days before our first snow. You really didn't care. breanna peterson-1-2

Remember that day we hosted a baby shower, Ella. We had just finished cleaning up, when you slid that red chair over to climb on the white chairs, & within seconds the popcorn bowl was spilled out everywhere. breanna peterson-1-7

Remember that day I was making dinner, & thought it was awfully quiet...& then I found the stack of crackers & opened tub of strawberry cream cheese on my bed. breanna peterson-1-3

Remember when we moved a desk into your room; you boys were so excited about it. So excited, you decided to cut up your Waldo book & make a collage. I loved your creativity, but was admittedly sad about the state of the book. Perhaps you were inspired by my encouragement of cutting up magazines. breanna peterson-1-5

Remember that year you were a vampire for Halloween, Ry; & then we found teeth around the yard & the house for weeks after.

breanna peterson-1-12

Remember all that artwork you all three love to do- the ninjas, the self-portraits, the turkeys, the camera, the walls....

breanna peterson-1-8

Remember that cactus kit Papa brought you back from Arizona- you boys were so excited to set it up & you did, all by yourselves. breanna peterson-1-9

Remember stepping up to the height wall, Ella, always eager to be measured like your brothers; & wow, have you grown since the last time we measured you (it may have been a few too many months since the last time). breanna peterson-1-10

Remember those smiley faces you liked to draw, Ry, the ones that ended up on one of our pillows. breanna peterson-1-11

& all over the back of your bedroom door.