The First Two Weeks of November

November 1st. He drew his dad a good luck Elk. November 2nd. Two seconds earlier, the house was clean.

November 3rd. Christmas jammy picture day.

November 4th. New desk.

November 5th. Caught in the light.

November 6th. Pirate Island.

November 7th. Block printing with Auntie.

November 8th. An evening at Nanny & Papa's.

November 9th. Heading to a birthday party.

November 10th. Window washers.

November 11th. Daddy's home from hunting.

November 12th. A rare quiet moment with the boys (Ella's asleep).

November 13th. Watching the sunset.

November 14th. Mom, I just want to ski (& nope, he's never skied before).

November 15th. The rat massacre. breanna peterson-1breanna peterson-1-3breanna peterson-1-4Shanti Peterson-1Shanti Peterson-1-2Shanti Peterson-1-3Shanti Peterson-1-4Shanti Peterson-1-7Shanti Peterson-1-5Shanti Peterson-1-6

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