Our January

When 2013 came to a close, so did my 365-project.I swore I'd never do one again. I was anxious to put my camera down; perhaps it'd be slightly freeing, I thought. Then January 1st came & I needed to take a photo. I couldn't help it. As the first days of 2014 rolled by, a picture a day kept happening. It's as if the camera became an extension of myself. At some point- each day, I pick it up. I don't 'have' to, but  I want to- because my life is happening before my eyes; it's a little bit wild, rarely quiet, a lot of happy & it's ours. The best part of this adventure? We're home. My idea of a big adventure has changed- it's not big backpacks, foreign languages, new cultures & long bus rides. Now my big adventures are trips to the grocery store, juggling nursing & dinner, refereeing the boys' wrestling matches, getting three kids out the door on-time, & wondering if I'm completely screwing up my children, or setting them up to be hardworking, honest, loving, creative, respectful little (& one day big) humans. There's a time when I may have thought these adventures would seem boring & lifeless.

Today, I watch it & participate in it, & it's the best yet.

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