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Welcome, John

Watching a family grow through photographs is something special. This is the third newborn session I've done for Kaitlin and Luke, each one a little fuller. Full of laughter and noise and family and most importantly, love. The walls of the home radiate the love and share it with whoever enters, especially with their new baby.

Welcome to the world, John. 

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Welcome, Elena

At Home with O'Brien and Erin

Although this island grips its inhabitants with a grasp you almost can't escape, sometimes it is forced to let go. Part of our unique culture here, one that is a town fueled by Fishermen and Coast Guardsmen. The hardest part is saying goodbye to good people, much like we did last summer, but always remembering Kodiak never escapes their heart.

We look forward to this family's return one day. 

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Jason & Sarah's Family

It's a fine-balance with social media these days. It engulfs in so many ways, as long as a phone or computer are part of our daily routine. Just as it feels all-encompassing, it also serves its purpose. A few years ago, I met Sarah through Instagram. She's a talented birth & family photographer in Fairbanks. A few weeks ago, I got to meet her in-person. It was wonderful spending the afternoon with her and her family, in-between hockey tournament games. Their warm, cozy home opened its arms to me, filled to the brim with childhood- the curiosity, the creative, the chaos, the calm. I left content, knowing that social media made this real-life connection happen. I also left with a pan of delicious chocolate brownies, allergy-friendly, something else we share and also discovered from social media.

Sarah and family.

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Saturday Morning

I hope one day my children look back on images of their childhood and find themselves instantly transported to this carefree time. I hope all their senses are elevated, to feel all the feels of home. I hope they smell the warm biscuits and warm air, on a Saturday morning. I hope they feel my fingers running through their hair. I hope they feel my warm embrace. I hope all of this because images have the power to do this.

Motherhood on a saturday morning.

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One Year

"I'm going to be a funny guy," he informed us at the dinner table. That alone resulted in laughter. I remember, as a baby, his expressions and demeanor would make us laugh. He always brought so much happiness. His shyness was always apparent, but so was the desire for smiles, both giving and receiving. He was smiling willingly at only a few weeks old. Well before he was "supposed to." As a toddler, I'd say "he's going to be a class clown." So far, the shyness keeps that prediction from becoming a reality. But not at home. At home, he's really, really funny. It's amazing what you learn from your child in that first year of life. Their characteristics that you know you'll be dealing with for a very long time. The sheer joy that they'll be bringing you, right along with the challenges. It's 365 days of hands-on learning. It's one year of motherhood. 

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