Joey & Bethany

Awaiting Baby

It's like a kid waiting for Christmas, knowing your due date is just around the corner, knowing you're about to become a mom. Whether it's the first time, or the third time, that same excitement swirls around. Except you know when Santa will arrive. He won't pass you by for a few more days, or surprise you a few days early, which lends to that deep anticipation. Marking those days off the calendar, passing by "due date" you vibrantly wrote on the calendar. It's the first experience of this new world that awaits you- the unexpected your children bring, the excitement, the swirling of emotions, the beginning of new adventures.

A Beautiful Baby Bump

A couple weekends ago, my sister & I & our daughters, headed to Anchorage for the weekend. It was lots of fun & a nice break off our island. We decided it needed to be our first annual trip. While the girls weren't so sure about all the car time, I'm pretty sure they'll like it in about fifteen years. Kaitlin & her mom met up with us a few hours before we flew home, & we squeezed in a very quick photo session before going to dinner. Kaitlin is gorgeous, inside & out. She's radiating that beauty with her pregnancy & it was so fun to see her baby bump. In a few more weeks, she & Luke will get to meet their little one. Congratulations you guys!!


My Personal Favorites of 2012

2012 was a good year. There were ups & downs; lots of emotion- joy; sadness; it was a year to remember. The year we lost our Grandma Grace; the year we welcomed our baby girl, EllaGrace. I took pictures along the way. Here are some of my favorites from our year & here's looking to 2013, with smiles on our faces!

pre- & post-pregnancy, a self-portrait

'Making the decision to have a child is momentous.It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.'  -Elizabeth Stone

I decided to try something fun...well, in some sort of post-pregnancy state I thought it would be fun ;) Two days before EllaGrace was born, I took the photo on the left with my camera on the tripod & the self-timer. Two weeks after she was born, I did the photo on the right. Ry (my oldest) helped with this one. I again had my camera on my tripod, but he got to press the shutter. Running back & forth with a baby, racing against the self-timer, just didn't sound like the adventure I wanted to pursue. In the end, it turned out pretty close to what I envisioned. Considering it took me a week just to upload these photos to my computer, pretty close is going to have to work :) I think I'll stick to photos of my kiddos- I'm so in love with their recent photos, I have to admit I look at them often (in case you missed the post of the three of them, check it out here!).