The Final Two Weeks of 2013

December 16th. Our annual allergy testing. December 17th. Late-night hotel snacking.

December 18th. Attempting to entertain, while we wait in the doctor's office.

December 19th. Heading home- when you live on an island, you fly a lot.

December 20th. Hoping to save his duck's prints.

December 21st. Harbor light show.

December 22nd. High-fives with Great-Grandpa.

December 23rd. Contemplating her next move.

December 24th. Impromptu grandkid Christmas carol jam.

December 25th. His favorite Christmas present.

December 26th. We finally got some good snow.

December 27th. Watching the rain wash away that good snow.

December 28th. I like his suit coat.

December 29th. Today he told me he wants to be a paleontologist.

December 30th. Ice skating, first time this year.

December 31st. It was a good year.

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