The First Two Weeks of December

December 1st. She's sizing herself up on the growth-chart wall. December 2nd. Starting our Advent Calendar just two days late.

December 3rd. He colored a turkey at school.

December 4th. Looking for her chickens.

December 5th. Box-car races.

December 6th. Very serious cookie production around here.

December 7th. Hanging at Nanny & Papa's.

December 8th. Last bike rides until the snow melts.

December 9th. Reading.

December 10th. This is home.

December 11th. She's quite proud of climbing to her brother's top bunk.

December 12th. My attempt at spying on their cooperative, content play time.

December 13th. Always up on something.

December 14th. Christmas is my favorite.

December 15th. Airport entertainment.

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