The Fort

'In the spring,at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.' -Margaret Atwood

Last week, Mike brought home a stack of pallets. They were intended for the fire pit. The boys' and I had been brainstorming alternative uses for them. Well, only one really- a fort. They picked out the perfect piece of land, made sure it was nice and flat and then it snowed, a lot.

Today we got beautiful spring weather, after a blizzard yesterday. We headed out and soaked up the sunshine. Those pallets were staring us down, so we decided to make the fort. A fort we only planned to use three pallets for. One for the floor, two for walls. Simple, easy and fun. But Mike was home today, and our impromptu fort turned into an elaborate little playhouse. We even pulled out the metal signs and license plates I'd stashed away for the someday playhouse. It's pretty much perfect- completely funky and very functional. There's even a duck (or chicken) door. And the boys have proclaimed it, 'sooooo cool!'