The Scooter Rooter's

Awhile back, I was doing the nightly round-up of the boys, trying to get them into their room to start their bedtime routine. Covey worked up his best pirate snarl and shouted, 'We're the Scooter-Rooter's, and the Scooter-Rooter's never sleep!' It came out of nowhere, and brought us all instantly to laughter. At that moment, he created his club, which currently has three members- Covey and his two siblings. According to their leader (Covey), they will once again not sleep. I'm beginning to believe him. breannapeterson-44breannapeterson-45breannapeterson-47breannapeterson-46breannapeterson-50breannapeterson-48breannapeterson-49breannapeterson-51breannapeterson-43breannapeterson-41breannapeterson-42