10 on 10 - February

The day I photographed began without a plan to document. It was last Tuesday. I wanted an image for my daily photo, & the sun was hitting just right in the kitchen. It was the day after we found the ninja suit. The one Covey obsesses over, that he hasn't seen in months (it may have accidentally been buried under mounds of laundry for a really long time, accidentally). So the camera ended up accompanying me on our day, & it sort of became the 10-on-10 (actually there's 11) of the red ninja suit. I'm happy this unplanned, insignificant day evolved into this. I know this outfit is something we will someday talk about, a lot, when we all want to have a really good laugh together, or want to really embarrass Covey, or just reminisce. Because even though I've 'misplaced' the ninja suit, it's not because I don't like him wearing it, it's just because....actually, I don't really know why it is.

1. The ninja suit has been found.

2. The fridge- opening & closing these doors all day long.

3. A self-portrait of some sorts, with Ella sleeping (I promise comfortably) on my back.

4. He likes this photo wall, & he likes finding himself in pictures.

5. Stopped at the harbor to watch boats, throw rocks in the ocean & yell at the crows.

6. Some merry-go-round fun at the park.

7. Doctor's appointment + prescription for Ella.

8. Hanging out at my sister's.

9. Late night snack because 8:00 is considered late these days.

10. My view, while the boys' brush their teeth.

11.  Goodnight, Ry.

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