Tyler & Carrie

In between seasons and throughout the year, life happens. Routines take place, the morning alarm, drop-off time, pick-up time, dinner, bedtime. These routines quickly become our every day, with little pieces mixed into it, to keep us moving forward; that cup of coffee before work or piece of chocolate in the afternoon, listening to the radio as you wash the dishes, or a podcast while folding laundry. There's times the routine becomes too routine and there's times when it feels very comfortable. It becomes dotted with the kids taking their firsts. Their first steps, their first words, their first days of school, their first basketball game, their first dance, their first date. Most the time it moves as quick as the tide. Other times, it feels as slow as molasses. "What's molasses?" my kids asked. As I pulled the jar down from the pantry, there it was reminding me, the firsts are there every day. 


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