Peder & Jess, an Alaskan Wedding

This past January, we said goodbye to Grandpa. All of our family, piled into his small apartment, emotionally exhausted from the days, weeks before. But relieved to be together, in that small space. We talked about daily things, we talked about old memories. We talked about treasures we'd like to take with us, small keepsakes to remind us of him. One of those was his suit. Six months later, we piled in together once again, to celebrate my cousin's wedding. Tailored to fit him just right, he wore my Grandpa's suit down the aisle, in a celebration of love. Honoring who we lost, and honoring the new journey he was beginning in marriage. We joyously welcomed our new cousin, and we celebrated. We celebrated all the love we have for one another and all the joy in witnessing these two begin a new chapter together. We celebrated them.

All you need is love.