Kelli & Lani

Nick & Maya

John & Laura

Jordan & Annie

Last summer, Jordan proposed to Annie on their trip to Kodiak and then his mom gifted them with an engagement session at the same spot as their proposal. It was the sweetest. The weather also gifted all of us with a beautiful evening, the kind of evening that makes you antsy for summertime- the warmth of sun on your face, an abundance of green, the sweet salty air and long summer nights. 

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Jared & Kari

I'm in my second week as an Artist-in-Residence at our middle school and it has me thinking a lot about my work and photography in general. I've shared a quick history of photography with the students, talked about the rules of photography and the tools needed to make a photograph, and also the power of a photograph. Photos tell a story, much like a video or a book. They can stir up emotions and quickly return us to a time we treasure. They can provide raw truths, false positives and sacred reality, whether it be for us to share or pack away for safe keeping.

Last summer, I had the honor of traveling to Eagle River to document Jared & Kari's story and the start of their new adventure. 

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2017: Wedding Favorites

Digging through photos from 2017 lets you see them all differently than the first time around, finding new favorites and loving some others even more. A big thank you to my wedding clients of 2017, I truly treasure being part of something so personal and having the responsibility of preserving the day. Thank you!

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Josh & Emily

It's seems like a repetitive theme, talking about great people that Kodiak says goodbye to, but it's true. The military brings in great people, and sometimes steals the hearts of those already living here. Double goodbyes. 

Just before these two left, we got to enjoy one of our very rare beautiful summer evenings. 

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Mark & Elise

The Alaskan wild rose blooms each summer, unfurling its soft pink petals, to soak up the sun and rain, and whatever else the Alaskan weather hurls its way. Much like love, it is beautiful and it is strong. 

An Alaskan engagement session, among the wild roses. 

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