Logan and Halley

Turning the calendar to March felt somewhat victorious. Like it was an award, stating "congratulations, you've made it out of the throws of winter." Except this year we haven't really had a winter, just a lot of brown, with a side of gray. & in Alaska, winter is never over in March, but I like the idea that it could be spring. It has me motivated and crossing things off my to-do list, like tackling that bright pink sticky note, shouting at me "BLOG, a lot!" because I haven't really blogged client work in months, work like this wedding that is one of my most favorites. Not just because I'm staring at images of 90 degree weather and crystal blue skies, and being reminded of burning my feet on hot sand, but also because of the bride and groom. You know when you read a really good book, or watch that really emotional part in a movie, and tears are streaming down your face, and your thinking "oh my gosh, why am I crying? stop crying!" but you don't, because you can't because you're so emotionally moved? That's what this wedding was. It was over the top, from the heart, mad love. 

Happy four months Logan and Halley! 

wedding planner: Oh Hello Events
wedding venue: Postcard Inn, St. Pete's Beach
hair & make-up: Collective Creations
floral's: 2Birds Events
music: Grant Hamon, Craig Hamon
stationary: Kate Paulson
rentals: Ever After Vintage Rentals
photography: Breanna Peterson Photography